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The love and dedication of Kasturi Group’s Service to the Humanity and Education through Kasturbai-Manekbai Charity Trust prompted them to open many Educational Institutions like Kasturi Matriculation School, Kasturi Industrial Training Institute, Kasturi College of Education etc... and run them with dedication and Service motto. The Trust remains dedicated to be a primary contributor to the growth and development of the Society.

About Kasturi Group

The Kasturi Group of Industries and Educational Institutions, very familiar and well known name in the field of Textile Industries for more than a Century and in the field of Aviation – through Kasturi Travels - for the last three decades.

Kasturi Corporate Group of Companies

  • Kasturbai Manekbhai Charity Trust
  • Kasturi Matriculation School
  • Kasturi College of Education (Teachers Training Institute)
  • Kasturi Industrial Training Institute, (I T I)
  • Kasturi Travels (Airport Ground Handling Agency)
  • Kasturi Institute of Management
  • Kasturi Engineers
  • Kasturi Agencies
  • Kasturi Sarva Mangalaya Kalyana Manadapam
  • RatilalAuditorium
  • Kasturi Vidya Ganapathi Temple
  • Kasturi Residency
  • Kasturi Farms
  • Kasturi Textiles
  • Nina Arts & Cultural Centre
  • Shri Saibaba Kasturi Kovil

Textile to Diplomatic Wing

A pioneer in the Textile Trading Industry, the Kasturi Group was founded by Sri Ratilal Shaw in the year 1905, the illustrious Father of our beloved Chairman, Dr. Arvind Kumar R Shaw. We are proud to add that Dr. Arvind Kumar Shaw is presently the Chairman of the House of Madagascar in India. Our Chairman is the only Honourable Indian Citizen to be bestowed with such a coveted post, holding the office at Coimbatore and making Coimbatore the only city to house an Embassy office, outside any Capital City in India.